“We Close Our Eyes…” OR The Delightful Surreality of Existence

“We close our eyes 
We close our eyes and dream and the world has turned around again
When everybody is running in the big race 
And having a good time 
Who am I to cast a shadow 
Who am I? 
I looked Death in the face last night 
I saw him in a mirror 
And he simply smiled 
He told me not to worry 
He told me just to take my time
We close our eyes and the world has turned around again 
We close our eyes and dream and another year has come and gone 
We close our eyes and the world has turned around again 
We close our eyes and dream …
And if you come to me 
And if you touch my hand 
I might just slip away 
I might just disappear 
Who am I? 
And if you think I’m worth it 
And if you think it’s not too late 
We might start falling 
If we don’t try to hard 
We might start falling in love
We close our eyes and the world has turned around again 
We close our eyes and dream and another year has come and gone 
We close our eyes and the world has turned around again 
We close our eyes and dream …
We’re on the healing path 
We’re on a roller coaster ride 
That could never turn back 
And if you love me 
And if you really try 
To make the seconds count 
Then we can close our eyes
We close our eyes and the world has turned around again”
-Oingo Boingo
It’s a far cry from high poetry, especially the high poetry of, say, someone publishing their stuff here on wordpress (https://brandewijnwords.com/), but I have a soft spot for the vagueness, the sentimentality, and the, often times, overly simplistic lyrics of Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo. That lovely squeezebox in the song sure gets to me, too.
Yeah, I like shitty 80s music. Take me or leave me, damnit!
And I like it to the degree that I’ve asked Kelly to play this song at my funeral. However, let’s not go there (yet!).
Life is truly insane. I mean, even before I had children, life began to speed up, to pass with a truly surreal pace, begin to make less and less sense. I mean, only so much of that can be explained by my travels in college…
I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet.
Sometimes, I truly despise this surreality. My memory is terrible, only making things much worse. I remember things that happened a month ago as if it were three years back in the fog of memory.
I’m lucky if I can actually remember things from three years ago. Thank gods for cell phone cameras!
Portrait of the Artist.
Yes, trying to remember what happens day to day, when your actual day is almost identical in most respects, can be pretty difficult and fairly frustrating. Since my school schedule got even more bizarre (students four days a week; the day lets out at 4:30 instead of 2:50; days off every other Friday; etc.), I feel like I have no time at all. A typical day looks like this:
-Wake up
-Kids to daycare
-Work out
-Scream from the shower to pants to work (not always in that order)
-Scream home so you have 15 minutes to pick up the house before wifey gets home and it’s time to…
-Pick up the kids from daycare
-The insanity of cooking, baths, discipline, television, crafts, gardening, taking out the trash cans, etc. with two kids doing their things (and, yes, Maddie is mobile now…)
-Wifey and I look at each other for 15 minutes, perhaps with the T.V. on in the background
Yes, it does get surreal. However, like the stoner who wakes and bakes, like the constantly busy single mother, like Hunter S. Thompson and Ken Kesey and Jerry Garcia and Donald Duck and Cthulhu, time passes in bizarre fashion for us all.
For my money, I’m glad I’ve learned to embrace the chaos, the weirdness, and simply do my best to appear semi-professional and sober at all times, regardless of the actualities.
Smile, motherfucker, this is the one shot you get. Soak it up. Roll with the bizarre trip. Be a weirdo. Just don’t be as weird as this beautiful, insane, chaos-filled existence… if you show it up, it gets pissed and works bad mojo on you.
We close our eyes and the world has turned again. We close our eyes and dream.
giphy (1).gif
In the spirit of conversation, let’s hear from you. Am I insane? Or does life seem to pass in a whirlwind, chaos-filled, carnival of bizarredom for you? How so? Disagree?

22 thoughts on ““We Close Our Eyes…” OR The Delightful Surreality of Existence”

    1. You haven’t told us about the shitty 80s music you love?….And your whirlwinds…

      I totally get you, Justin. My life can be pretty surreal with ‘only’ one kid too, and I’m doing pretty much the same, doing my best to appear semi-professional and embrace the chaos, cherishing the rare moments of pure joy when I’m not wearing my straight jacket.
      As for the chaos, what the hell. We’re not alone. But it’s ours, dammit.

      God I love you’re back. I really missed u.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Bojana, I so appreciate the solidarity and your kind sentiments. I don’t often give myself credit for a whole lot, and it’s very easy to think my posts are stupid or irrelevant or just diary entries. It’s very nice to be missed and appreciated. I just feel lucky to be part of the cool kids club (you know, Tom, Curmudgeon where you at?, you, Wulf, Superman, am I forgetting anyone? Pink lightsabre?) here on WP.

        Now, take three big slugs of gin, drive recklessly to work, and put on a professional face! Kiss that kiddo for me (not really, that’d be pretty creepy), too! I just heard a story on NPR this morning with personal testimonials from empty-nesters… couldn’t help but cry despite the fact that any empty nest times are at least 18 years off!!

        As far as shitty 80s music, I generally stay away from metal. Not that all of it’s shitty by a far cry, but: Talking Heads, Duran Duran, Echo and the Bunnymen, Smiths, Cure, Clash, Adam Ant, and a lot of one-hit wonders. I realize most of who I named are not shitty at all, so forgive me. Um… Ah-ha? I’m also probably one of the few people who think Madonna’s “Get Into the Groove” has one of the sickest bass lines ever.

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      2. Only shallow people could think your blog is stupid.

        My kid’s waking up. Hmmm, no gin??? Shit, I’ll grab a beer and change quickly into my surviving B mode. Enough of alone time.
        Btw, I love Cure, Clash, Duran Duran, Talking Heads….and Madonna (though she doesn’t know to sing) and….A-ha. Sue me.
        P.S. I don’t think Curmudgeon will be back. Paul, if you start hiccuping, you know we’ve been mentioning you and you’ve been missed. A lot.

        Liked by 3 people

      3. I think about Paul all the time. I’ll try and send him an e-mail again, just to let him know we’re thinking about him. Maybe he still has the same e-addy.

        I like an amalgamation of suggestions. Is “Cool Freaks and Geeks” too long? 😉

        As for the 80s music, I am (of course) a fan. But the only one I listen to on your list with any regularity is Duran Duran; they get a lot of play on my player.

        Gimme Billy Idol, Billy Squier, Bon Jovi, David Lee Roth, Def Leppard, Guns N Roses, John Mellencamp, Motley Crue, Poison, Queensryche, Tesla, and Van Halen, please. 🙂

        But not all at once. That would truly be chaotic. 😁

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      4. And if you’ve never listened to The Smiths, Johnny Marr is one of my favorite guitarists of all-time (and not a single solo). Check out “William, It was Really Nothing” or “Sheila, Take a Bow,” or “This Charming Man.” You might find Morrissey’s voice off-putting at first, but you may wind up digging it.

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  1. You’re not insane (Correction you’re not any more insane that the rest of us); life does seem to pass in a whirlwind, chaos-filled, and a carnival of bizarredom! Look at this way though, You are one of the lucky few who gets to watch as today’s young adults see the carnival of bizarredom for their first time ever.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow, but that is wonderful perspective. It IS great to see them start to observe and take note of it. I love the struggle, especially because I think too many people aren’t as in tune with weirdness as I feel I am (Lydia Deetz over here? My whole life is a dark room?). Anyway, I can’t see ghosts with my naked eye, but I can certainly see that my students will eventually realize it isn’t as rule-booked out as we’d like to think it is. Thanks for the input! Slanje!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I suppose it was an appropriate piece for someone with a blog titled “All About Life.” Thanks so much for your input! I truly think life is the proverbial “long, strange trip” and all that. I think the genuinely sad part is how few see it and are bound by things like social etiquette (not like it’s all bad, but I generally don’t mind discussing the elephant in the room, for example) and the need to appear normal. Facebook is such a weird place to observe people, especially the ones projecting this image of perfection. I look like a viking or Santa Clause, depending on the day. I also go by a totally different name, so maybe weird is just always on the menu in my teeny neck of the woods.

      Sorry for rambling! Thanks for dropping in!! I’ll have to give yours a view and see what we can see.

      Liked by 2 people

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