Quick Thought: Guns

The Second Amendment.

We don’t have a legit militia; we have a national army (among other branches). True story: Anyone calling themselves “militia”, coincidentally, actually believe they are protecting Caucasian citizens from “the darkies”.

A great many of us have faith in, and desperately love, our constitution and its amendments. The first amendment, following Charlottesville (and, really, any KKK rallies) is being hotly discussed.

However, ‘Murica’s favorite amendment, the one that makes us look like morons and assholes to the vast majority of the civilized world, would be the Second Amendment.

Nailed it.

During Trump’s “rally” in “Arizona” “yesterday,” he said something to the effect of this:

“We ALL love our constitutional amendments… especially the SECOND one, AMIRIGHT AMIRIGHT AMIRIGHT, folks?!?”

Talk about pandering to your political base. Sure, I paraphrased and took a little artistic license. The reactions were many and varied:

  1. A-hootin’ and a-hollerin’;
  2. Screaming and babbling in tongues;
  3. Public masturbation;
  4. Shots fired into the air by 20-gallon-hat-wearing men.


Despite all of the evidence to the contrary (please, for the love of gods above and below, Jim Jeffries bit on the second amendment… NOW https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jim+jefferies+gun+control), our access to guns does not keep us safer. The rest of the world does think we’re a bunch of assholes. Most people who love guns are almost genuinely masturbating to the second amendment or the words “the right to bear arms.”

They are not tools for protection (I did a search for “defense rifle”; no dice). They are toys in much the same way that four-wheelers, dirt bikes, Sea-Doos, chainsaws, flaming bags of dog shit, and alcohol are toys. They are helpful to anarchists (I’m not referring to ANTIFA or BLM) and so-called “White Nationalists,” and people with bunkers that may or may not be filled with Swastikas, and that guy from the Ruby Ridge incident, and those Neo-Nazis from “Breaking Bad,” and probably to plenty of good, well-meaning people, too.

A well-meaning, special interest group with an avid interest in second amendment rights.

I’ve shot guns before. I think they’re quite fun. Shotguns are, in fact, a blast (yuk, yuk, yuk). I have beloved family members who own guns and I wouldn’t bedgrudge them that decision or love them any less.

I still don’t own any and don’t operate under the illusion that I could successfully find my firearm (while it’s safely locked away to keep my children from harm) in time to protect my family from a robber.

“I’ll wait for you to grab the Glock with the laser sight, but I won’t give you time to reload. Deal?”

The second amendment isn’t going away anytime soon, say what you will about Hillary and Obama (a president cannot reverse an amendment solo, folks). However, things that aren’t protected under constitutional amendments or the document itself, like reproductive rights, ARE being rolled back and repealed in certain states. Ponder that for a moment: gun nuts, including schizophrenics (fuck you very much, POTUS and the rest), have access to pretty much all of the guns n’ ammo they want.

And I’m not referring to the popular informational pamphlet seen above…

However, if you want an abortion (for any number of reasons, which may well become the topic of another post), you may have to travel out of state and pay as much as you would for a used car.


I’VE rambled on long enough.Why do we as a nation collectively jack off to the second amendment? What non-sexual thing do you jack off to? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


12 thoughts on “Quick Thought: Guns”

  1. I live in the south where almost everyone has a gun including children. Seriously, we were at Chuck E Cheese and one if the party guest went to get more pizza. She had a hard time finding her wallet so she started emptying her pockets on the counter. She plops down her phone, insulin pump, car keys, AND A GLOCK. I freaked out which started a bizarre rant about me being a sheep who has been dupped by the Illuminati. I’m a wheelchair user who doesn’t have full control of my hands and a mentally disabled son. I thought it was easy to figure out why we don’t have guns. She said you just have to teach kids to respect the guns and it’s fine. Then my mind was blown again by her 12 year old pulling out guns from his back and ankle holsters. No one else thought it was strange besides my husband. The problem is a combination of the NRA rhetoric about taking them from their cold dead hands and the fact that guns really are a lot of fun to shoot. Something that can kill someone really shouldn’t be fun in my humble opinion. I don’t know a single person who only has one gun or even half a dozen guns. They all have a crapton of them because “they” are going to try to take them away soon. Apparently we should all play the gun toting version of Pokemon and “catch’em all!” before it’s too late. I still haven’t figured out who “them” is, but I still don’t feel the need to set up an emergency bunker filled with guns and homemade ammo. I personally don’t think being a sheep is all that baaaaaad.

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    1. Yeah… they can’t change the second amendment. Like… at all. All of the fear about Obama and Hillary taking them was either fear mongering or paranoia or a healthy combination of the two. When we moved to Idaho, I first had a job at Home Depot and saw legitimate farmers and ranchers with small-gauge pistols on their hips (“varmint guns”), but it wasn’t terribly shocking. The Chuck E. Cheese scenario you describe… I’m a bit taken aback. I don’t care how much my child respects a gun, they aren’t getting one, let alone two, let alone the ability to concealed carry. Then again, I won’t let my son have a cell phone until he can pay for it… but maybe that’s more the cheapskate in me. Thanks for posting!!


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  4. You are correct, sir and brave. Toys. Stupid, expensive toys for “Grown ups” and nothing more. You nailed it. For some of us it’s guns, for some of us it’s yoga, for others, cars.

    . Second Ammendment types don’t realize their rights have already been taken; In California, you darned near have to field strip an AR15 to load it. “From my cold dead hands”. Many a gun owner, the ones brave enough to talk about armed resistance to the gubment forget two things: 1) What happens when you run out of bullets? 2) Once more than one official comes to take your beloved toy(s) you are tactically speaking, dead. The moment you resist the government upholding the right for you to own your toy, you are no longer a law abiding citizen.

    We all really enjoy the part the law abiding gun owners seem to not want to mutter ” WELL REGULATED”. As for our views on guns, no so important.

    Great post.

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    1. Mand, geez, thanks so much for weighing in! These posts start to feel cold (like my dead hands, from which gun must be pulled), and then some lovely thinker like yourself comes along and revives it a bit! I sure wouldn’t mind more conversation about this.

      It’s been interesting having conversations with people about the potential for a militia, like county militias or state militias… and I think the federal government could only look at those as semi-terrifying paramilitary groups diametrically opposed to them. Probably a no-bueno scenario. Anyway, let’s chat more in the future!!

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  5. It’s all the same thing, wouldn’t you say? People have fallen in love with THINGS not eachother. Look at any gun channel on youtube. Guys recording themselves painting their guns, cleaning their guns, loading their guns, posing with their guns, reviewing their friends guns, recording themselves shooting their guns, teachin’ guys how to hide gun purchases from their wives. It’s very apparent what’s going on, here.

    Takin’ a gun has nothing to do with armed, it’s taking away a loved one and we aren’t kidding there, either. Guns can be an addiction, just like anything else. Taking away an addiction isn’t fun for the addict.

    That’s the million dollar question, what would a “Well regulated Militia” actually look like and how do you regulate it without having some kind of state or federal hand in the whole process that defeats the point in the first place? Who would have oversight over this…force (E/E) in the event the gubment got uppity? How could you possibly prevent corruption. We view a militia in the same way we view political movements. Political movement become corrosive to their own ends. How would you finance a militia..so many lovely questions…

    The entire argument of gun rights is somewhat ridiculous, the gubment can drone strike your house while you are barricading it (Colder dead parts of hands). Rights are an idea, not a standard. Look at the civil rights the Japanese had in WW2 until the gubment decided to put them in American Prison camps for being Japanese. From their cold dead hands. As for the lovely compliment, we can echo the same to you. Tata!

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