“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!” OR How Much Longer are We Going to Tolerate This?

As I’ve written about in the past, and grown tired of in the recent past, and felt compelled to write about again in the extremely recent past, and feel pretty disgusted about in the present: this shit is ridiculous.

Which shit? You know, the shitstorm that doesn’t shut off 24/7. I don’t think anyone thought they’d think, say, or even hear many of the sentiments being thrown around, but this absolute shitstorm is coming directly from the one place this country is supposed to receive direct and timely leadership that should benefit the entire country.

Suffice it to say, leadership is not what we’re going to get.

“Mr. President, Candy Crush is a fine past-time, but we have a few things you need to address.”

Rather than discuss any number of recent events–of which there are many we could discuss at great, great length–I’d rather discuss our reaction. At this point, you’ve surely heard the analogy of boiling a frog. If not, it goes something like this: throw a frog into boiling water, and it’ll jump right out; throw a frog into room temperature water and bring it up to a boil, and it’ll relax comfortable all the way up to the point it becomes a French delicacy.

Motherfucker didn’t even assign me a gender? I’m an “it”?

The shitstorm raining upon us, the one flooding our televisions and radios, fueling our darkest nightmares, motivating a lot of us to ditch our diets and take to the bottle, is not the gradual boil. It might have been, at least to some, in the early days of the campaign trail or, perhaps, even the first month or two he sat in office (emphasis on the the word “sat”).

Dat ass betrays a lot of sitting (not to mention a complete and utter lack of familiarity with proper tennis racket grip and swatting form).

At this point, you silly frogs, the heat’s been turned up to 11, to reference a modern-day troubadour, and there really isn’t any fucking reason why we should act like this is normal.


We are witnessing the worst, and I don’t think there’s truly any hyperbole in this statement, the worst POTUS the world has ever seen. Again, I could probably provide a 486 bullet point list of all the heinous shit he’s done (can we remind ourselves that he made fun of a disabled person, please? Our president… of the United States… of America), but I won’t. However, the most recent events bear mentioning:

  1. His tepid, pathetic reaction to the Charlottesville, VA ordeal;
  2. His two-day waiting period to specifically mention that Nazis are bad, probably the easiest goddamn statement any idiot could hope to make;
  3. His almost-immediate turn-around on his response, in which he (more or less, although he is currently trying to deny this) equates protesters of hate groups to said hate groups (I don’t know how many Antifa or BLM members have performed lynchings, church bombings, murders of civil rights activists, etc.; however, I could certainly be misinformed…)

And on and on it goes, even in the last 48 hours. It is probably worth mentioning Steve Bannon’s bizarre interview (intentional? “Feints within feints”?), just because, even though the majority of the shitstorm has been caused by our ridiculously goofy president, it still comes from the people who he trusts and appointed (E.g. Ultra-dedicated Racist Jeff Sessions; Da Mooch; Kellyanne Conway… amazingly, these guys make Rex Tillerson look like a fucking saint).

After toppling Space Ghost and his band of do-gooders, the 2016 White House Cabinet / Council of Doom seeks immigration reform.

But I digress.

Back to the Wildebeest in the Mushroom Stew analogy: why in the name of all the gods above and below are we TOLERATING THIS SHIT! A lot of us aren’t, but… HOW IS THIS GUY STILL IN OFFICE?! He is beyond embarrassing and represents very little of what this country stands for.

Fuck you very much, electoral college.

If nothing else, the way he speaks to the press is incredibly telling of his maturity level, his agenda, his demeanor (as, basically, a cranky fucking old rich guy), and how little he cares for the dignity of the office he holds.

Let that sink in. The highest office in the land. The President of the United States. Leader of the Free World.


He doesn’t care. He doesn’t even care to act like a goddamn grown-up. Say what you will of Obama, love him or hate him, that guy was a class act and could at least BEHAVE like a president and an adult. I do believe the POTUS is sometimes considered to be a national role model.

Plus, if you’re forced to look at presidential ass, I’m an Obama man. All. The. Way.

Our current POTUS can’t stop himself from name-calling… on a daily basis… like, somehow even less mature than the students I teach in high school (and I mean that genuinely).

download (1).jpg
While I’m disappointed in the trash Denise talked about me, I’m comforted that she had the maturity to call me pusillanimous and a strumpet.

Back to the Crested Beagle of Sri-Lanka in the French Onion Soup metaphor: this shit ain’t right. The only people who can ignore this, justify it, or accept it are either: A.) So ingrained in Republican culture and the team or club mentality that they are willing to ignore it, deny it, or justify it as a means to express solidarity (MISGUIDED! SAD!); B.) Terrifyingly religious people who believe he was sent to Earth to become president so he could make America white and Christian again (I don’t begrudge anyone their faith UNLESS they use it for awful shit, like realizing their genocidal dreams); or C.) Donald Trump.

While he might think he is being clever with his deliberately obnoxious and antagonistic Tweets, his seemingly (and actually) backward strategies, and the lies he spins constantly, he is wrong. He is not clever.

And as you contemplate the tale of the Triple-Horned, Double-Breasted, Pin-Striped Pangolins of Madagascar in the lake of Beer Cheese Soup parable, I’ll leave you with a final quote about being clever while holding the highest office int he land:


I’m often too guilty of not having a point to these rants (BAD! SAD!), but here goes: allowing this zany, zany shit to continue is “tantamount to complicity,” as I’ve recently heard stated. Allowing it is approving of it, not just tolerating it. And that’s important! That bears repeating! If we tolerate this, what other brands of awful might we see on our store shelves in the next few years?! I already dread Pence, but imagine if it gets worse than he and Capt. Golden Toilet?

As a fairly regular, unimportant citizen, I feel relatively powerless. Calling MY (read: Idaho’s) senators never did shit. I can’t affect change, at least not on an impeachment level. However, 2018 looms large in the future and brings us the ability to vote for our senators. I’m far from saying that Democrats have it figured out or are even the party I’d prefer (I align, more or less with one of the two major parties, but don’t feel a lot of love for either, but I do know how I’m going to vote next year. Far from trying to tell you how to vote, I hope you do and that you help get people off of their asses. If the polls and public opinions are true, and if EVERYONE voted, I think we’d see racists NOT feeling embolded, LGBTQ NOT seeing horrifying legislation passed against them, and an atmosphere of welcoming and inclusion for people seeking refuge and the prospect of a better life.

If we sit by and allow this, we legitimize it, approve of it, and doom our nation to a place of fascism, belligerence, crass behavior, and a reality that far, far too closely resembles that of the film “Idiocracy.”

POTUS Candidate for the 2024 race: Mr. Camachooooooooooooo!!

Ladies and gentlemen, whether you agree with me or disagree with me, love me or hate me, or whatever whatever whatever-whatever “whatever,” I’d love any feedback, opinions, or reassurance that I should put down the bottle and reinvest in life. Please, sound off.




12 thoughts on ““Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!” OR How Much Longer are We Going to Tolerate This?”

      1. My grandmother had a traditional big funeral complete with the three day viewing (which is like hell, for the family that must be there all three days to chat with all the friends and family coming to look at her dead body) and so as the adults stood around the body crying, us teenagers (at the time) were shuffled into a side room while visiting times were kind of slow. On the third day, our grief and boredom collided and we started in on the dark humor, which got us laughing. And apparently we were laughing loud, about how they made her up to look like a prostitute clown.
        They didn’t appreciate that and the funeral director came in and told us to be quiet or he would kick us out. I apologized for being loud, but told him I’d have my mom stop payment on his check if he disrespected us again, and that people mourn in different ways.
        We were quiet after, but apparently my cousins think I’m some sort of bad-ass now for standing up to the guy,.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. You’ll never know just how enormous of a compliment that is to me. Thanks for dropping by and sounding off, all the way from Texas (where, I assume, this post would have been irritating at the very least to most of your neighbors).


    1. Isn’t that what we’re all hoping for? A few minutes of peace, love, and understanding before the inevitable slow-boil? Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’d like to think not. Cue Nelly’s “It’s getting hot in hurrrrrr.”


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