Time Heals All, and My First Re-Post?

In my Facebook (shudder) feed, I keep the seeing the first line of my last post. I was quite the angry elf on that particular day. Amazing to feel so intensely one moment and, later, to look on it again with such disbelief. The sentiment feels so alien, it’s almost as if another person lived it.


The human experience is an odd duck, at best.

Anyway, I was approached by a stranger recently and, fortunately, they weren’t offering candy (this time…). However, they did ask permission to repost an older, Trump-related blog. In case you feel like giving the site some traffic, revisiting an old post, or giving either of our web sites some love (read likes or comments), feel free to visit:



Image result for weirdest picture ever

…and this…

best photo ever.png

…and this.


Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone.


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