Shouting Across the Void: Education and the Club Mentality

This one is going to be short and sweet, but it needs to be said. Republicans, Trump supporters, anyone who can defend this, WE NEED YOUR RESPONSE. How is this behavior not, as David Brooks would call it, reprehensible.

The Opposite of Enlightened…

Today, Queen of Jackassery Betsy DeVos was voted in as Queen of Education (approx.) in Trump’s cabinet. Here’s what I posted on Facebook about her:

Regarding DeVos:

Ignore all the zany stuff she’s had to say, ignore the fact that she’s never taught or even learned in a public school, ignore the fact that she falsely doubled the graduation rates of private schools to make them look superior to public ones, and then ignore the fact that she wouldn’t hold private schools to public school standards… she thinks schools need guns for grizzly bears… let that one settle in… there you go. It’s all about right wing buzz words. Privatization and guns, Privatization and guns. Not to sound old school, but I don’t know if commerce or guns belong in any of our schools, even the ones smack in the middle of grizzly country.

Also, she’s a grown ass woman who thinks and says this stuff.

Everything I just said was true, except maybe the buzz words part (again, prove me wrong, children).

Our Club VS Their Club


This shit is responsible for the downfall of politics in the United States. This shit caused Republicans to commit the “reprehensible” actions of stimying the process regarding Obama’s pick for Supreme Court Justice Merrick Garland.

This is basically the reason Obama couldn’t get anything done; Republicans wanted to fuck with him simply because, you know, he wasn’t Republican.

This is why the President just caused Schizophrenics and other mentally unstable folks to have access to guns.

Brass Tax

It’s getting ridiculous, people. I understand that Democrats are guilty of this SOMETIMES, although I am doubting it’s happening as often. However, that certainly places blame and I shouldn’t be doing that.

So why vote based on your club, rather than the safety of our country or the future of our children’s education?

Your turn. Answer me, goddamn it.




10 thoughts on “Shouting Across the Void: Education and the Club Mentality”

  1. How about the fact that I recognize that what passes for our public education system is utterly broken by any objective, non liberal indoctrination metric and that an antagonistic outsider may well be just the sort we need to start the PAINFUL process of fixing it?

    Does that mean that I think that DeVos will fix it? No! Yet, we have to break it – to break its entrenched and nigh on mindless orthodoxy – before we can fix it. Hence, someone like DeVos, backed up by both the POTUS and Congress may be not the Education Secretary that America wants, but the Education Secretary that America needs.

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    1. While I certainly won’t agree with you, I have to give you a digital high-five for being the first person (who doesn’t outright agree with what I say) to be brave enough to post. On top of that, it was a rather articulate post. As sincerely as humanly possible, I thank you for sharing.

      On my end, I don’t think privatizing is at all the answer. Sort of like what Bernie says about privatizing health care, their end goal is to make money, not make better their clients. I don’t know if you say the smug look on DeVos’ face as she blatantly refused to answer Tim Kaine’s question (she would NOT agree to hold private / charter schools to the same standards as public schools… worries us teachers). For those reason, I patently disagree with what you’ve said.

      ALL of that said, I also can’t disagree that there are many, many problems with public education. If you are a student, I’d love to hear how you think it’s broken. If you are an adult, maybe one with children in the public system, I’d also like to hear the reasons you think it’s broken. And that’s just if you care to keep up the conversation.

      ANYWAY, I thank you for accepting the challenge and communicating. If anyone cares to chime in, this could remain a debate and/or conversation.


    2. Final thought: I GET people’s need for disruption, but Trump is not doing so in any kind of positive way. I would even understand the ban, if it wasn’t based on religion (it is, Rudy Giuliani came out and admitted it… goofball), if people were given warning so they could, say cancel flights, if it was phrased in a way that had security in mind, such as creating a stronger vetting process for those seven countries. Instead, he basically fucked shit up for a ton of people, including his supporters, our own people (Iraqi translator to the Marines), and the folks who had to enforce the EO. Disrupting things COULD be good, but they haven’t been so far. Ditto repealing Obamacare; make it better and we’d all love it… but repealing it without a plan or just replacing it with RepubliCare isn’t doing anything differently. I’d be all for draining the swamp, but Trump has surrounded himself with bajillionaires and is blowing the fat cats on wall street by repealing Dodd-Frank… I only seeing him doing favors for the already rich. Working class folk who think they’re going to get any support from Trump got a big thumb in the ass this year… maybe the next eight.


      1. I tell you what; you want to get into those, do another post. We’ll mess this one up beyond saving if we cross-thread all that into it.

        But hey! If you want to get into all that with someone who studied law on his own and worked as a lawyer’s pet researcher – did you know that you can’t take the bar exam w/o a law degree? – go for it. It’ll be interesting mixing law and justice.

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      2. Okay, final final thought: I’ve considered that teaching may not be for me forever. I’d certainly like to run some questions by you at some point, as law was the next field I was considering moving into.


  2. Thanks! Here’s the thing – I comment more on opposition blogs than one who agree with me. Not to troll; f**K that! What’s the point? – but to either rebut, educate, or simply argue, You know, the underlying mechanism of democracy since Athens overthrew the archons , and Areopagus (Yeah, I know that Athens was neither the first nor the only polis to try democracy; but it’s the one we reference) . What am I do on a fellow traveler’s site? Say “ditto” or “pile on” some liberal?

    Hey! Surprise! I don’t think privatization is THE answer either. I do think it is an answer though and, as such, part of the solution. And, it’s worked well in NYC where I’m at and in other areas. Not all, mind you. It can, IMRHO, only ever be part of the solution.

    As for holding the private / charters to the same standards – To some extent that is one of those legitimate “alternative facts” moments in that it comes down to what standards and which standards. If they must abide by each and every line item of the public schools standards – i.e., essentially “outsourcing” education to government contractors – this is a worthless and wasteful endeavor. If you mean basic, core subject proficiency metrics, then I agree with you and share some of your concern.

    Oh, and beyond being an ongoing going student of life and any subject that catches my eye, no. I’m decades past my formal scholastic days, have two advanced degrees (D.D and D.Th.) that do not impact my livelihood in any way, and have spent some fine years teaching adults various topics from English, to combat techniques, to Information Security.

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    1. Sweet Jesus! Wanna hang out and be friends? Rarely do I converse with such articulate, thoughtful, and educated people. Thanks for the lesson on Democracy; I couldn’t have spoken anything past “Athens.” Maybe I’m a big part of the reason our system is so broken.

      Anyway, I’d love to stay in-touch and continue talking.

      Last note: thanks for the eff trolling sentiment. What is the point, indeed!


  3. I gotta say, Jonolan, I can’t believe you don’t allow a comments section on your blog.

    With no offense intended, my genuine reaction to your latest blog is to call you a troll. You believe a fashion faux pas, and what seems like bullying a transgender individual, is a bigger issue than the president’s bathroom bill decision?

    I’m truly at a loss. This doesn’t seem like intelligent discourse. Can you explain your stance? I’d love to comment on your page, but I am unable to.


  4. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more con5tent diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.



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