Before the actual blog: the featured image with Yoda and this quotation are in honor of my grandfather, a man who moved and shaped me more than I realized when he was alive. He died one year ago on Saturday.





Words have power.

Words might be the only original contribution given to this world by mankind. Lumber existed and we manipulated it into houses. Feelings existed and we used them for better or worse. Animals and minerals and vegetables all existed.

WE named them.

Words have power. Just watch the current debate raging about our country’s future! That’s the real reason I’m writing this.


The “fake it ’til you make it” mentality is one that has risen recently and caught momentum. Tricking ourselves into feeling more confident, intelligent, prepared… whatever the case may be, is proven to have positive effects. Shit, asserting your dominance and pretending to be forceful (including such goofy things as power poses) is proven to raise testosterone.

Mind over matter.

Sometimes we need a mantra, and I have been repeating two in my head for the last… well… since November. If you find them useful, use them and share them. If you don’t, I’m begging you to contribute your own below. For now, here are mine; take them or leave them, as long as your decision leaves you with strength and resolve.






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