Shouting Across the Void: Trump and The Council of DOOM!

My latest rant covered, what I see, as the inevitability of a second civil war (barring some mysterious, deus ex machina-esque change, such as impeachment or some radical turn-around on Trump’s part… or the Earth finally taking revenge for all of the abuse… whatever’s clever). What follows will be a series of posts that are intended to actual reach Trump supporters, communicate what I believe to be the prevailing beliefs and attitudes from the anti-Trump camp, and hopefully relate. I can’t get Trump supporters to rationally explain why they support him or how they can tolerate his unpresidential behavior. I have ZERO desire to paint with a broad stroke, stereotype, hurt anyone’s feelings, or get anyone “all riled up.”

For the record, this is the kind of “all riled up” I was talking about. The sexy kind.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: I have very few political leanings. I believe I’m somewhere between a conservative Democrat and a standard Libertarian. I don’t like a lot of government involvement in my life and I believe in (a fair amount of) state’s rights. I don’t believe in legislating morality and I believe that a more-or-less hands-off approach to capitalism typically works out very well. I could be wrong about both of these things, but I suppose right or wrong is debatable in most political applications. I hope this explains at least one component of my malaise regarding our new president and cabinet. Bottom line: I’m not an expert and don’t claim to be; when I get news, I get news, and when I don’t, I don’t. I try as much as a new father with a relatively new and challenging career, a new wife (you’ll always be new to me, baby), a new house, a lot of things that demand my attention throughout the day.

mr mom.jpg
Most folks agree that I compare nicely to a young Michael Keaton.

I want some genuine communication. I have friends who are Trump supporters, though I am not, and we are still friends. I kind of like to think I’m friendly with the entire populace, but knowing only a select few in a sparsely populated state makes this far from literal.

In short, let’s chat. And, if future “Shouting Across the Void” editions pop up, I promise not to preface it with so much chatter.


Meaning I’ll have to make this message short. Conservative Republicans, establishment Republicans, Trump supporters, here is just one reason why the rest of us are scared and confused: Trump’s cabinet and closest aides.facebook_1481398746582

There’s a solid chance you considered calling me a “radical liberal” after that image, but remember, I’m not. For most of us, especially the ones who value what we consider to be common sense and the environment (sorry, climate change is no longer a deniable fact), Trump’s cabinet choices look a lot like the joke above. The head of the EPA believes climate change is a hoax. Remember what EPA stands for? Something to do with protecting the environment… not rampantly abusing it for personal gain, regardless of consequences.

If this is what you mean when you call me a radical liberal, you are correct, sir!

Here’s where I show my ignorance (and I won’t google it just to appear smarter or more well-read when I’m not): I believe it was Sessions who forgot about the Office of Energy something something, is picked for Attorney General. Honestly, he doesn’t really seem like he knows what he’s doing, he’s as inarticulate about his own job as anyone I’ve heard, and he’s on record as calling someone a “race traitor,” which isn’t really typical language for someone who’s ever watched an episode of In Living Color.

Even Fire Marshall Bill would admit he’s not the guy to pick for Safety Commissioner.

Steve Bannon, in addition to being the editor of an Alt-Right publication and kicking out headlines calling people “Jews” (and not in the complimentary way) and such… I believe he might actually have a little Hitler Youth club somewhere clandestine in much the same way my friend’s mother used to host Cub Scouts. Did I finish that sentence? This guy is scary as hell in both appearance (read: looks like a more White-Powery version of a doomsday prepper) and resume.

Ol’ What’s-Her-Name DeVos is a mess. I believe it was Bernie who called her out as only being in this position due to her family’s enormous (at least millions) contributions to the GOP. She’s also inarticulate (about her job) and referred to a position she held for 13 years as a “clerical error,” which does sort of sound like “alternative facts” to me.

I’m gesturing as hard as I can; if you don’t understand me, that’s your fault. Never mind I’m being picked for an EDUCATION POSITION!

Kellyanne Conway, in addition to almost literally being a slimmer, female version of Donald Trump in physicality (and mindset), might actually be Satan incarnate. The use of “alternative facts” was so motherfucking funny (almost literally straight out of 1984… google that one) that I’m not even sure she got the joke. Also, did I mention she’s the devil and the least feminine woman on Earth (replacing good ol’, machine-gun-totin’, Russia-surveyin’, bikini-clad Sarah Palin). I don’t mean anything about her figure when I say she’s not feminine… shit, you should know what I mean.

Palin pasteup.jpg
“Are you fucking kidding me? That’s a bold-action hunting rifle, not a machine gun. That’s the Jew-run, liberal media for you.” -Psalms 4:28

Sean Spicer is terrifying to behold, his many chins and enormous suits causing all to cower in fear. When Trump got pissed about people dissing his crowd size at the inauguration (no, he doesn’t think size matters at all), he demanded that Spicer go out and deliver a fiery speech (read: spout bald-faced lies to the entire nation) about how the crowd was simultaneously “unquantifiable” AND the largest inauguration crowd ever. “PERIOD!” How’s that for fiery? Did he knowingly lie to the public because he was afraid of Trump (who I can only assume truly is behaving like a traditional dictator / authoritarian), was he ignorant to the facts, was he, in fact, high on dope like those liberals?


To sum up, the Trump cabinet is pretty scary to folks who oppose these kinds of things, and I think I’ve barely scratched the surface (both in terms of breadth of the cabinet and depth of the horror). The things I mentioned, also, are the tip of the iceberg. I am truly trying to communicate from the level of “average Joe turned angry citizen,” as I am nowhere close to an expert or even worthy of being referred to as “informed.”

So there it is, Trump supporters. The best possible thing you could do for unifying this country, at least in my little corner of the internet: explain how this doesn’t violate your principles, your sensibilities, or even your common sense. I won’t say the left, but those who don’t support Trump and his cabinet, could really use a good, common sense explanation to help us understand your perspective. If I’ve been immature or disrespectful in any way, you can either fire it right back at me or take the high ground and respond in a more mature way (I wasn’t trying to offend, just to get some laughs).

Please, I am actually begging, help us understand. Anti-Trump folks, if you think you have a rational, respectful explanation, let’s hear it! Inform me as to how these things don’t bother you, how you can ignore them, and how you can continue to call this your club.


2 thoughts on “Shouting Across the Void: Trump and The Council of DOOM!”

  1. It’s a little hard to take this seriously when you, like most of the Anti-Trumpers: keep talking about how these people look scary; have said mean things; and keep bemoaning how they’re Hell’s own Cacodaemon unleashed upon the earth. The combination of petty venality and histrionics is a bit hard to deal with as if the person venting it were an adult.

    Yeah, I know some of this is you “being funny,” but it is exactly what so many of you say in all faith and seriousness.

    But to some specifics from purely my point of view:


    As with all of them, not near to devil you claim, but only as a function of degree. Yet, I’m a straight, White male; why would his statements really bother me? You see “White Power” and “White Supremacy.” OK. Fine. I’ve seen eight years of White Powerlessness and White Subjugation. Yes, that’s how I see it and how millions and millions of Whites see it – eight years of the federal government working directly against us in order to favor and grant privileges to non-Whites. All the rhetoric and most of the actions have been of the “piece of the pie” model, which inherently takes from some to give to others – and we’ve been constantly called racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic, and xenophobic for any attempt to protect what’s ours.


    We’ve already discussed her at length.


    I honestly jut don’t care. Her position is pretty much overseeing the Communications, Media Affairs, Speechwriting, and Press Offices. So what? President Trump doesn’t need much of that anyway. As for “alternative facts” – I thought it was a catchy phrase that describes the simple truth that a statement can be taken many ways and some will choose to interpret it to the speaker’s detriment. Also, in these days when we can’t agree on what the facts are because we can’t agree on what words mean, what do facts even matter?


    He does the same, exact job as his predecessors under Obama – say what he’s told to say, how he’s told to say it and avoid, if possible, saying anything else. It’s early yet, but he seems to be doing a better job of that than any of Obama Press Secretaries, who gaffed and got caught “misspeaking” time and time again.

    Are they great? Are they even particular good? Too early for me to tell. Are they reasons, by and large, for the hate, fear, and tantrums by the Anti-Trumpers? Not so far and, as Cabinet types working with a POTUS who listens to opinions but has a track record of ignoring them, they’re not likely to become so. Hell! I expect most of them to be “fired!” fairly soon, especially Bannon, who will use up his usefulness in 2 years at most and be thrown under the bus to show a shift and leavening of the POTUS’ opinion and stance on some issues or, at least, that’s what I’d do.


  2. Apologies for the delayed response, and thank you, once again, for your thoughtful and articulate response.

    For much of your last post, I’m at a loss. This is where I think many of us are so different that genuine communication, at least without a fair bit of frustration, is nearly impossible. I can’t agree with most of what you said. I do think Connway is hell’s own cacodaemon. Anyone who spins words and facts that much… did you see the recent interview with Matt Lauer? Her facial expressions basically admitted defeat. She didn’t make sense. She could spin no longer. It just goes to show she is lying through her teeth. Spicer is nothing like his predecessors. I’m by no means saying Obama-era folk were better or weren’t guilty of things, but you couldn’t pan them the way SNL is doing right now with Spicer. Spicer is deliberately combative with the press, which is just wrong and ridiculous. I hope Bannon outlives his usefulness, but he is more or less openly calling for war with China and all of Islam.

    Now, I must formally admit that I’ve never in my life been as plugged in to politics as I am right now, so I don’t have the most respectable base for comparison between this administration / cabinet and the last one. I will end by saying that something certainly is rotten in our fair state, and it smells like this administration’s collusion with Russia. This certainly hasn’t been proven yet, but each day ticks closer to THE day (or at least that’s how it feels). If I haven’t said it before, I’m not one for party politics and truly thought I aligned with libertarians more than anyone else (I’m something like a very moderate libertarian, a conservative democrat, or a liberal Republican… maybe I should just say centrist). So my agenda with the Trump administration has very little to do with party politics and more to do with hypocrisy and my own set of morals.


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