Gratitude, citizens!

Thanks to people like my lovely mother in-law, my colleagues, my family, this blog, the evil entity known as Facebook (who, by the way, made me remove my nick name “Ale-Viking” [I don’t know why the hyphen… it spoke to me] because they thought people might actually consider me a Norse god of ale), my humble opinions have received a little more exposure than usual.


I don’t know if we agree, if you like the high definition pictures or my adorable son, or maybe were just struck with a bout of boredom, causing that mouse finger to accidentally click the “follow” button, but I am grateful.


And, like most grateful people, I’m going to immediately ask for a favor. Could you please like me? Check yes, no, or maybe. Okay, in seriousness, could you please click the “like” button on my blog posts? The sad thing is that, no matter how much you might actually enjoy this, the world won’t recognize your favor until you press that ri-goddamn-diculous button. Now, I care for no false “likes,” my friends. If you don’t like it, in fact, you should probably send me some hate mail (there IS a way to do that).

Don’t be shy now!

That is all. I truly want to say that I’ve seen people reading my words from Australia, Sweden, and South America. I am floored. The internet is truly an awesome and terrifying creation.


If you’v enjoyed the political stuff, I’ve got a bit more of that on the horizon. If you enjoy the rants or the humor, I promise I won’t write political stuff forever.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. You’ve made my day, feeling like I’m not just shouting into the void.


4 thoughts on “Gratitude, citizens!”

      1. Oh, Good Heavens, Man! Has it come to this? That we do not exist these days unless we accumulate needless, senseless, ludicrous “Likes”?

        I have a better idea:
        Preferably while sober, take a look in the mirror. Do you “like” what you see? If so, then you are doing just fine and you do not need a “Like” from Tuvalu in order to have value as a human being. Jeesch.


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