Civil War.

The days following November’s election results have been surreal, to say the least. Since the presidential campaign started here in the good ol’ Nutty States of a Completely Divided Populace, surreal is probably one of the few words that seemed to accurately describe things. A person (I use the term loosely), celebrity, larger-than-life figure, and joke like DJT running for office was as humorous as, say, Arnold Schwarzenegger running for office. Even if Arnold had won, at least we’d have a humongous bad ass (not to mention a politically moderate one, at least by comparison) in office.

The real pro-life argument, in true Arnold accent: “I vant my baybay!”

The Long, Dark Road

Well, the joke never really stopped. Orange Monster continued to build momentum. He openly called people names the way a young, undisciplined child might; he openly insulted people who had nothing to do with his campaign; he referred to his penis on live television and in front of a national audience. Eventually, I started to realize that there is nothing you could do to change the mind of a Trump supporter.

“Sometimes it’s hardest to see the light at the end of the tunnel when there isn’t any fucking light.” Sri Lankan Proverb… I think…

The Enemy Not the Enemy

He could make fun of the disabled; badger the press; contradict himself , even in the same sentence; refer to people as terrorists, murderers, rapists, criminals and the like with a broad stroke; he even committed the one great sin, at least to me, of not behaving presidential. Say what you will of Barack Obama, but he comported himself in the way that I would like my country represented on the national stage. Anyway, the guy was right: he could, even today, shoot someone in the face and see no consequences in the support he receives. That’s how scary his supporters are to me. Stormtroopers. Violent, single-minded automatons.

Yeeeesss… silent… (side note: do you really think America is so un-great to begin with? Really? I thought the right-wing thing was unquestioning pride in our greatness… then again, I thought Republicans hated Russians… go figure)

Flash forward to a press conference that he himself called only a few days ago, where I see him arguing openly with the press, calling various press organizations “garbage” and “fake news,” generally acting like a jackass ON THE NATIONAL STAGE. As a very wise man once said (paraphrase), in a leader, you want a fox, not a lion; his supporters mistake bombast for leadership, shouting for passion, extreme acts for action (sorry, wise man, I think I made some of that my own). Anyway, regarding the way he comports himself publicly, especially now that he’s in office…

…Trump supporters weren’t flagged in the slightest.

This is the face I make when I realize that my supporters won’t get the “joke” even four years after I’m out of office. Thanks for the half-nation-sized human shield!

A Message to the Supporters

Trump supporters, one thing that I think you maybe don’t understand is this: everyone’s disdain for “Tang” (that’s what the T stands for… you know, the orange drank?) is not a personal judgement. I have nothing against Republicans. I consider myself, if anything, to politically align with Libertarians. I’m so disengaged from politics most of the time (read: I’m just starting to grow up) that I could be a moderate Democrat… or a moderate Republican. I do not participate in the age-old feud between Dems and Reps. I don’t care. I barely care about politics and, if you admitted it, neither do you (except during arguments with those “pussy,” “faggot,” “dope-smoking” liberals… and presidential campaign season… apologies if you don’t actually use those hateful terms, but I’ve seen them slung around far too often and far too liberally). You have become part of this Our Club VS Their Club mentality, which is so beyond asinine I can’t even begin to describe. It’s not Ours VS Theirs; it’s the fate of your country. Your pride is not as important as that. Admit it.

And I would do ANYTHING to not be a Homer.

When people hate on Donald Trump, it’s because they hate this crass, loud-mouthed, boorish person barely worthy of being called human. I think there are plenty of Republicans who make sense. For the record, Big Donny T. isn’t a conservative or a Republican and he certainly isn’t a conservative Republican. Conservative Republicans, traditionally, stand for small government involvement (mass deportations, censoring the media, building THE wall, discrimination based on religious preference, manipulating our Capitalism and even being heavily involved in it, etc…. in other words, ENORMOUS GOVERNMENT). He’s playing you all like the proverbial harp from hell. He is never, ever, in any way going to enrich your lives. To the contrary, he was seen on video telling the already millionaires and billionaires that he was going to lift sanctions and lower their taxes SO THEY COULD GET RICHER.

I once overheard a learned man say: “Billionaires be passin’ GO like a mothafucka!”

Working class folks, however you politically align, expect a lot of smoke and zero in the way of payback for you. I don’t want you to feel stupid, I don’t want you to feel guilt, I don’t want anyone to shove this in your face, be they liberal or conservative or purple or even just an internet troll. I just want you to realize this situation and do what all of you already claim to be doing: the right thing for your country.

Our Unenviable Fate?

As for the title of this post, my greatest fear right now is literal, actual, non-super-hero-related civil war. Trump supporters not only won’t back down, see reason, or behave politely (now, I realize that I AM painting with a broad stroke, so forgive me if you don’t fall into this category); they also like to talk about how badass they are (at least in comparison to those whiny, idiot, sissy liberals), wave their guns around, demand that people be UNQUESTIONINGLY PATRIOTIC and generally be threatening toward people who disagree. Remember that dude with the big cowboy hat at the Trump rally who punched that black protester in the face, even as he was being dragged away by security? That’s what I’m talking about. I’d love to also talk about how ridiculous radical liberals have been, but I don’t care to digress that far (although, I freely admit it has happened plenty).

Did I forget to mention that our president, more or less, incites violence in his supporters? Does that not scare the hell out of you?

Since Trump supporters refuse to give in, admit faults (not in themselves, but in their candidate) or even give the teeniest amount of room in the other direction… and because they are the loudest about owning guns and keeping gun rights, I fear their stubbornness, their zeal, their prolific possession of firearms will move them to defend this new authoritarian regime with their lives… IN VAIN!

The Agony, the Irony, the Ecstacy

I couldn’t think of a sadder loss of human life than someone throwing their’s away for the Trump cause, another drop of water in the tide that will never see reward or replenishment. A drop of blood spilled where no one can smell it or taste it. A leaf fallen in the middle of an empty, treeless field. No one, other than your dearest family, will care about your death; Donald Trump will vocally praise your effort, while wallowing in his cowardice, his attempts toward self-fulfillment, vindication and justification, and his greed. The man-turned-dragon, hoarding his gold, ever turning away from genuine human interaction. Gollum. Self-serving wad of adipose tissue, social gluttony, narcissism and faux passion. Perhaps the greatest joke is that he, most likely, DOESN’T hate Muslims, DOESN’T hate women, DOESN’T hate Mexicans or Obamacare or abortions or anything he claims passion for; he simply knows that YOU do.

DJT and Danny DeVito as The Penguin. Separated at birth?

Trump supporter, your passion is so misplaced. I feel so bad for our country. Even worse, I know the people demonstrating against this right now (admit it, quite illegitimate president… even he says there was voter fraud… so how is his reign worthy? THE FUCKING GUY ADMITTED THAT THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED! Who is to say it wasn’t IN HIS FAVOR!), including people I care very much about, won’t back down either.

Civil war.

(Hopefully Not) Parting Thoughts

Even worse, I’ve envisioned hypotheticals like this before (I’m cursed to constantly believe I exist within a movie) and said to myself, “If I truly care abut something, I may have to leave my family, defend it with my life, and potentially never see the ones I care most about and care to fight for ever again.” Star Wars. Lord of the Rings. Even Idiocracy (no relevance there…) involve protagonists sacrificing and taking risks for their ideals, their loved ones, the things they held more dear than the gift of life itself. A fair bit of them never come back; the ones that do forever bear the scars. However, never in my wildest dreams did I think that in this boring, peaceful, highly functional nation could that ever be a possibility. Worse yet, a scenario envisioned by David Byrne (“Life During Wartime”… a chilling tale of urban warfare and peanut butter).

And you’d better believe that in an urban warfare scenario, there won’t be much time for silly-ass dancing like this.

I know I’m being dramatic, or at least may come off that way, but I’ve never been more scared for our way of life. I’ve never felt the this feeling, that I might actually be placed in harms way, that I might actually fight, that I might actually kill.

I DO see a civil war on the horizon. When I see someone actually building that wall, someone censoring the press OPENLY (one more time: I FUCKING SAID OPENLY, WHERE WE CAN ALL SEE IT), denying what is clear evidence that he paid people to urinate, more or less openly siding with the Russians (I THOUGHT THEY WERE OUR MOST HATED NEMESES!), referring to “alternative facts”, demoting abortion and the right to choice… I don’t see a lot of other options. I see a civil war on the horizon or a truly oppressive future for the wonderful people of this country.

I want neither.

I’m going to say that again, because I know someone will stumble upon this, read (selectively) this post, and say, “This guy is calling for war!” Absolutely not. I quote The Clash as I make my stance: “It’s up to you not to heed the call up / I don’t want to die / It’s up to you not to heed the call up / I don’t want to kill.”

Good night, and good luck.

“Don’t look at me; I’m just a goddamn actor.”

… and because you know someone was going to be like, “Where’s Axl?”

Anyone ever wonder if this guy read the first definition of “civil” and called it a day?

And if you truly made it this far, then let me put these question to you in a vain attempt at receiving feedback. Am I being melodramatic about this situation? Is this starting to feel as dire to you as it is to me? If you are a Trump supporter (apologies for all of the painting with a broad stroke; I truly do desire civil communication between us… if it helps, I’m not actually a Democrat and wouldn’t call myself liberal about every issue), how are you able to ignore all of this evidence? I have no desire to hear about how bad liberals and Democrats are, but an actual response to how you can ignore censorship, a repealing of rights, attitudes that outright violate the principles of our founding fathers? I don’t mean for those questions to be so leading, but goddamn, the rest of us are confused as can be!

Really, any response, reaction, insight you have would benefit myself and many others a great deal. Thanks for reading. I truly wish safety, health, and happiness to every single person on this planet. I love America, but America FIRST (yell it as loud as you want) is as short-sighted as picking a president over the mere fact that you want JOBS.


4 thoughts on “Civil War.”

  1. I share your concern. Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief’s supporters have absolutely no interest in the truth. They would rather live in the Orwellean Universe of “alternative facts” and “newspeak”.
    I’ve owned guns since I was eleven years old. I am as interested in firearms as I am in, say, fine cameras, state-of-the-art bicycles and fast cars.
    So, I get marketing and sales information from gun dealers. I got one yesterday, which — while displaying deals on an array of assault rifles (I don’t own one) … asked the rhetorical question,
    “Are you prepared for the unexpected?”
    No matter where one may be on the political spectrum, I’d argue that this sales pitch is, indeed, a terrifying question.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wonderfully articulate post and, thankfully, the sentiments are mutual. No disrespect to gun owners AT ALL; on the contrary, recent events have finally convinced wifey that owning one (or two) might not be a bad idea.

      Party on, citizen!


  2. I’m already seeing Trump supporters waking up to how bad this guy is. The midst hardcore will not, but hopefully it’s those relatively high up that realize it isn’t going to be great again will do enough to keep an actual civil war from starting. Hopefully.


  3. @ BadParenting …
    I did not interpret your blog post as disrespectful to gun owners. I was simply laying-out some background, the reason why I happened to get the gun dealer’s sales and marketing e-mail in the first place. I then wanted to draw attention to the scary question that they are now using in their marketing. This is all to say: no harm, no foul.

    @ Josh …
    Here are the facts and figures from a very recent PPP poll:

    If you actually know Trump supports who are beginning to wake up and smell the coffee, ask a couple of ’em to post the reasons here. I’d love to hear it, because my experience has been the exact opposite.

    I can think of one recent example wherein the Trump supporter was defiantly and gleefully proud of his fathomless disinterest in any facts, which may have shattered or even shaken his narrative. But, now that Kellyanne Conway has coined the term “alternative facts” I am beginning to understand such ignorance a bit, with “a bit” being the operative term here.

    They who live within the “alt-right” universe are quick to dismiss comparisons to Hitler, probably because said comparisons make too much sense. Every time I get an opportunity, such as this, I love to post a Hitler quote or two:
    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
    — and this one may be my absolute favorite and, I believe, the most appropriate to help us understand what is happening in our country today; Hitler said:
    “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”



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