Buried, but not lost

Intrepid reader, forgive me for the lapse in our relationship. As I’ve probably mentioned, I am an educator, which meant that I had two weeks off between last year and this.

Unpredictable, indeed!

Well, mother nature, unpredictable as she may sometimes be, decided on dropping much snow, ice and temperature in the Treasure Valley. We saw temperatures as low as eight below zero, meaning we did whacky shit like toweling our windows, locking our storm doors, heating our garage, and whatever other bizarre things we could think of to keep the ice at bay (yeah, we had some pretty wicked blocks of ice on our windows… inside the house).

Artist’s rendering of our house.

What was the end result? More than an additional week out of school. Honestly, even though I had tons of time (with and without my adorable son), I never found the urge or time to blog. Forgive me.

Well said!

Let’s resume our usual communications in the next few days or so. Thanks for your patience. I hope you’ve been safe, warm, talkative, and generally being excellent to each other (thanks, Rufus!).


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