Mindless Supporters: STOP FREAKING EVERYONE OUT! OR Big Donny T. and the Unquestioning GOPs

The Sich

Right now, at least to my mind, there’s a major problem going on in this country. No, it’s not clowns (not even the Killer ones from Outer Space).

Hello, Officer Mumbles!

It isn’t Obamacare, Medicare Part D, or Reaganomics!

The truly scary part: you probably don’t like ObamaCare because of the first three syllables… and because you’re racist.

Intrepid internet traveler, it isn’t even the beef and its unknown location.


It’s actually a pretty obvious one. Unwavering support for the GOP, regardless of their candidate’s level of sociopathy, unfitness for the presidency, and indecency as a human being.

Anti-Christ: Superstar!

In the past, I’ve understood establishment Republicans and those who are just so stubborn, right-leaning, or whatever you want to call it, that they were going to vote for the Republican nominee regardless of anything else being said. Even when it was Bush (Jr.) V. Gore, I “got” voting Republican because it’s just what you do, and probably always has been. Why think when you can simply vote along party lines?

Ladies and gentlemen, compared to our present-day situation, no candidate of any party has ever been this drastically horrifying, this stupifyingly outrageous, or this skremptilianeously flobnergated.

It’s fuckin’ bad.


Republicans, here’s why everyone is freaked out at you: you won’t just admit that you’re supporting your party, regardless of anything else. If you, for just a second said, “Look, we realize shit is bad; it doesn’t matter, we’re still voting Republican ’cause, you know, Democrats suck; we totally recognize that our candidate is fucking nuts and has no place sitting in the oval office,” the rest of the world might do that cartoon thing and pull their chins back up to their mouths the way we close living room blinds.

Kind of like this.

Look, the world is mortified because YOU ARE VOTING FOR THE SCARIEST MOTHERFUCKER TO EVER RUN FOR OFFICE! I won’t make a laundry list of the crazy shit he’s done, such as:

-Making fun of someone with a developmental disability

-Bragged about sexually assaulting women

Which side of THE wall does this sign go on, Donny Boy?

Denied having done anything wrong, despite overwhelming evidence (including himself as the witness, in many cases)

-Having his strongest campaign platform being the forcing of another country to build us a wall to keep “mimigants” out of our country

Not only is he not very… well… presidential, but also he’s just scary.


What’s the most helpful thing you can do, Republicans who so brazenly boast about voting for the most villainous candidate for president ever? Admit that you’re being stubborn. While plenty of Republicans have finally had the courage to say, “I can’t support that, even though I love my party,” you have chosen to grab on to any slough of reasons that justify such a heinous stance.

However, we are ALL entitled to our opinions and belief, however nuts they are. Since you have numbers on your side, crazily enough, your political beliefs fall more into the category of religion than cult. I’ll repeat the best advice I have: please be forward and admit that Big Donny T. is nuttier than squirrelshit and the fact that you are stubbornly voting Republican “irregardless” of everything you know and hold dear.


It’ll save you a little face, in the end.

Well… kinda like this…

5 thoughts on “Mindless Supporters: STOP FREAKING EVERYONE OUT! OR Big Donny T. and the Unquestioning GOPs”

  1. I don’t know if these crazy people are voting for their party OR if they are just sexist pigs who can’t handle a strong woman. A strong man is admired (NOT D. Trump) but a strong woman is a BIT$#! It reminds me of all the racist folks when Obama was running. I think it is really scary how many people will vote for that ridiculous man instead of an educated woman with years of experience.

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  2. I see you wrote this when most of us still thought this douchebag didn’t stand a chance in hell. And that made me realize that I now pine for the “salad days” of pre-November 8, 2016. *sigh* It was still a great post, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, again, for the positive feedback. Yes, we all believed said asshat didn’t stand a popsicle’s chance in hell. Longing for the salad days, indeed! BTW, I’m very excited about another post in the Apoca-Lit department. It only gets messier!

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