Bad Parenting: A young-ish parent’s half-assed guide to food, booze, guilt, fitness, getting older, marriage, owning a home… and probably something about parenting… AND NOW POLITICS!

Mission Statement (older):

To answer what I assume is everyone’s most immediate question: click the link across the top of the screen that says “Blog.” That’s 99% of this web site. Everything else is goofy, half-assed, and hardly worth your precious time. Anyway…

My name is Justin and I’m a father, a teacher, a husband, and, periodically, a real person, too. Being a teacher means that I spend a great deal of time with my son, Garrett, during the summer months. This site is intended to discuss what it’s like for me, an idiot and a newcomer to fatherhood, trying to raise a child with my darling wife,¬†attempt to be a responsible human being, and continue my bad habits from the pre-parental days. It ain’t pretty, but it should be good for a chuckle and maybe even some thought-inspired brow furrowing. Please, leave me as much GENUINE feedback as possible, like my posts if you truly do, and share them with your make-believe friends on Facebook, Twitter, and all of those other sites that I barely understand. With that said…

…Tally ho!!

Mission Statement (revised):

Apparently, even the HOME page is going to change periodically. What is written below was stated when I first started this blog. Given recent events… well… I’ll quote Albert Eintesin: “I can escape the feeling of complicity in it only by speaking out.” As a state employee, my tongue is held regarding my political beliefs, regardless of how heinous our current situation is. I can’t leave my wife and child (she wants to get out there as badly as I do to protest and such); I can’t leave my students; I can express my views and do my damnedest to get them to as wide an audience as possible.

May the Force be with us all.